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BETH SURDUT ARTICLES AND ESSAYS                             

The world being an expansive place, the mind being an expanding organ, Beth Surdut, winner of the 2013 Tucson Festival of Books Literary Award for Non-Fiction (Listening to Raven), specializes in illustrating animal nature in words and drawings. She also covers the gamut from sewers to senators,  beekeepers to Buddhists, and, so as not to get lost in alliteration...

a plane crash, Pakistani terrorism expert (unrelated to the plane crash), ignominious Cardinal, homophobic teacher,

a psychic tearoom, bird banding, mycology, grave robbing, wildlife management, sludge plant (not the government, the real thing), pollution, adoption,

an unsolved murder, small town government and all the boards, committees, and complaints---still with me?

Madrid, New Mexico's iconoclastic cemetery,

theater, music, visual art, books and countless profiles celebrating the creative spirits who bring us all that magic.

The adventures of Raven woman aka Gator Girl (yes,  three years happily paddling amidst alligators and vultures) are mixed with art, political commentary, and lessons according to Darwin on who not to date at     Do go look, read, and comment.

And, of course, Surdut's  Listening To Raven series of illustrations and stories. Orion Magazine Nov/Dec 2011.

Feast on  Art From the Kitchen~Painted and Served by Beth Surdut in the food and culture magazine

        Raven Tales & Illustrations-- Is That an Egg in Your Pocket, or are you just happy to see me Fall 2010 Zenchilada pages 58-59

        Tales of Horseradish Wars and other Passover Traditions in issue #3 of  The Zenchilada

      Plein Air Fare-- Sublime patios and fabulous chefs in Santa Fe pages 98-101, Bienvenidos Magazine --read it and eat!

Listen to public radio for Marketplace,  a hip way to hear what's happening in business five days a week. Practicing random acts of programming, the editors chose to air Beth Surdut's commentaries with dependable irregularity. "RadioArt" commentaries address attitudes about art and money. Face it folks, we don't just do it for love.

Hear Beth and explore alternative radioheads at  NPR aired Identity Crisis, her response to the backlash that followed the terrorism of September 11. Sporty Girl, a commentary on a childhood lack of natural sporting ability  aired on She Got Game (

Read hundreds of articles Surdut has written on topics ranging from sewers to senators: town government, sneaky pollution, personality profiles, kayaking, beekeeping, Native American Graves Repatriation—the works. Quirky favorite  Mining War for Art: Ken Hruby

Celebrate the creativity of others. Serving as Arts Editor, she's seen hopeful mediocrity and breathtaking resonance. Writing profiles for a small town newspaper led to producing  the CD TALKING LIFE: WALTER HARROD'S STORIES, an oral history of an 85-year-old woodworker and teacher in a quintessential New England town.

As a PR goddess she writes concise intriguing press releases that hit their target media more often than not.

Find her writing in The Boston Globe, Honolulu Magazine, Cape Cod Life, Cape Cod Magazine, Antiques and Arts, artsMedia, Middlesex Beat, Point  South, Nashoba Publications, Hebrew College, Fitchburg State College, Downtown and Beyond, Bienvenidos (Santa Fe New Mexican) and more.




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