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                                                               Designer   Apparel by Beth Surdut, Visual Storyteller


shawl_nicks_beth_best1.jpg (4236213 bytes)

Hand painted silk #Milkyway #Owl #Shawl by Beth Surdut 2014             22" x 72" plus 7" striped ribbon double ruffle on each end

Clothing, wearable art--call it what you want and be gorgeous.   Or consider it Sculpture. 

Click Tallit for prayer shawls.


POWER WITHOUT SACRIFICE                     Power Without Sacrifice, cape back detail                

Inspiration came from the feather capes of the Hawaiian royalty. Add the Maori kings and the women who chanted power into the capes, and the mask makers of Bali who believe their creations have souls. By donning a mask, a performer takes on its spirit. The title refers to the fact that no birds had to die for their beauty or ours.   This piece was first shown at the Cahoon Museum of American Art and later traveled to the New Zealand Wearable Art Awards.

Pwer without Sacrifice, cape front            Pwer Without Sacrifice, detail         Power Without Sacrifice, cape back



Evening coats of light habotai silk with charmeuse trim 

 Gingko Coat, back--hand painted silk by Beth Surdut   Gingko coat, front--hand painted silk by Beth Surdut       
Gingko Evening Coat
waterfall_coat.jpg (14622 bytes)    Waterfall Coat, back--handpainted by Beth Surdut
Waterfall Coat



Rock It In Your Pocket silk squares by Beth Surdut $48.00 ~ 11" squares that are unisex jewelry for any pocket.

Good grooming! According to Tommy Hilfiger,a man should show only an inch of his pocket square so as not to look like he's showing off.

We like to see more than an inch of these perfect gifts for grooms, weddings,  BFF or business associates of any sex.

Add elegant and eye-catching beauty with these jewel-toned silks hand-painted with fiber reactive dyes and a touch of gold. (465887 bytes) Available in custom color combinations.

The Ultimate Aloha Shirt™  $500

 Hawaiian shirt  with  Moorish  idols, puffer  fish, coral by  Beth SurdutCustom painted and sewn, this is hand painted silk unlike any other.

To assure  the  best fit, provide your favorite fitting shirt as a template, and let the elegant fun of wearable art begin!

           Click on this this Rainforest shirt for more imagesRainforest, the ultimate aloha shirt--handpainted by Beth Surdut


Red Hibiscus silk blouse      Gold and emerald hobiscus blouse   gold and emerald back  

  NMMountain shirt    NM shirt by Beth Surdut 2009   

    Women's  Jewel-toned blouses $400 and up---New Mexico inspired designs available in crepe de chine.

    Make a great entrance or exit in cool and elegant silk teetops slit on each shoulder & bottom                           

   Fringed triangle SHAWLS  welcome spring, warm a cool desert evening, and bring color to cold winter. $400 and up

Beth Surdut shawl on actress Mundy Spears as Zelda Fitgeraldfor Surdut shawl commissioned for 2010 world premiere of PH Lin's Zelda at the Oasis


Actress Mundy Spears, starring as Zelda Fitzgerald

Featured in Southwest Flair Magazine

All pieces are created freehand. You can order one similar to what you see here, but never exactly the same. Unlimited colorways available.

Aspen Glow--- Worn as a traditional  shawl, a warming scarf, or tied around your hips, this adds elegance to any outfit.

NMshawl.jpg (203687 bytes)

NMshawlsangre.jpg (556433 bytes)

The Abiquiu Scarves (Habotai silk with no fringes)--Georgia O'Keeffe country--

Sizes 14" x 72" for  $275-$400  and  8" x 54" for $160 (great  gift!)

                                      Colors.jpg (3510483 bytes)

NMscarves.jpg (482081 bytes)     NMscarves2.jpg (308353 bytes)               sample colorways                                                                


   Parrotbeak heliconia scarf                                                 Hibiscus Scarf                                                Bosque del Apache in Winter-- sand-washed crepe de chine

Parrotbeak scf.jpg (26416 bytes)           Hibiscus scarf         Bosque_del_Apache_Winter.jpg (1397583 bytes)


Raven's Long Journey ~  a spirit guide tale  14" x 72" $400 (hanger not included)

Long_journey_raven.jpg (1710158 bytes)

Ravens_Travels.jpg (1156430 bytes)


Only once have I hand-painted for another designer--superstar Mary McFadden. Here is a jacket with a Celtic motif designed and painted by Beth Surdut. The style is McFadden's own.

                              McFadden Celtic jacket



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