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The Dream Vessels Project: creating personal reality

©Beth Surdut 2007

Entrepreneurs and artists make the leap from desire to reality by taking vision and making it known to the world. 

~Beth Surdut, Dream Vessels Project Facilitator

Entrepreneur: From the French entreprendre, to undertake. One that creates, founds, or originates: architect, author, creator, founder, inventor, maker, originator

 Beth Surdut's hands and her cape Power Without Sacrfice                                                                                                                                              


The Dream Vessels Project is an international sculptural initiative for creative visualization.

Individuals or groups design their own "transport" based on the premise that by visually actualizing their dreams, they can make them happen.

Each maker of Dream Vessels takes hold of imagination and desire and forms those ideas into a tangible 3-D sculpture large enough to get into, fly, sail or motivate.

Dream Vessels will be exhibited with the stories that prompted them in participating cities of the world.

The Process of turning desire into reality         Surdut.dream.vessel.sketch             

Beth Surdut, artist and writer:

"I cut the bones of the first boat out of polystyrene, and plan to give life to the skeleton by covering it with a skin of painted silk,  outfit it with wings and perhaps a sail that can fly wherever I want to go.  Although I use the descriptors of a living  being--bones, skin,  and wings, for this is an extension of myself--this first one has started out as a kind of kayak, a vessel with which I am well familiar. Yet when I look at the ribs put together upside down (ever read Been Down So Long Looks Like Up to Me?) there is a Jules Verne aura emanating from the form that will, as does all of my work, take shape and morph as I build it. Surely there will be talismans, icons, and mapping materials to guide a visionary traveler."          


The vessels, fantastical or based on recognizable means of transport, must be conceived, designed and built, though need not be mechanically feasible.

Creators who do not usually work in 3- dimensional sculpture are encouraged to make the leap.

Working with a designated percentage of “found” objects is acceptable. Uniform pre-made objects like the Chicago cows or other fiberglass creatures are unacceptable.

Partnering is acceptable, keeping in mind a unified vision. If you can’t agree, go off and build your own. This isn’t about compromise or playing well with others.

Due to the limitations of durability and liability, these vessels may be designed for outdoor spaces, but will not be restricted to those limitations. Each object must be built to be assembled and re-assembled for shipping and exhibition.

Show Me the Money

Sponsorship levels:

Sponsor the Facilitator who fosters creativity--yes, the person who likes to wind people up and watch them go!

Individual vessel sponsorship. (The vessel will not include the logo or name of the sponsor directly on the creation.)

Venue sponsorship

Auctioning the vessels after a specified time period, the money goes to the artists and organizations represented by the individuals and/or teams that build each creation, with a percentage to the institution that exhibits the boats prior to auction if exhibit is not underwritten.

Artists, who must be paid, can choose to donate a portion to charities of their choice, or a fund created to support creative endeavors.

Visionary Sponsors Wanted—successful iconoclasts who understand the power and process of taking dream to reality

Boat, airplane, surfboard, automobile, bicycle, motorcycle, toy companies.  

Companies who make materials may want to sponsor vessels made from their products, such as glass, plastic, etc.

Exhibition Options/Public Involvement

 The exhibition could travel with its own building, as does the ROLEX funded Ashes and Snow

Choose major cities showing the vessels in spaces available to the public such as banks, hotel lobbies, art centers, and museums.

Create a map indicating location and times open for viewers to find these treasures, vote and comment on their favorites via a website.

Create a Dream Vessel Fund for future projects

After a tour of the exhibition, vessels may be auctioned or sold with ˝ the proceeds going to the artist and half to a fund sponsoring future creative projects that might well not come to fruition otherwise.


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