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sings visual songs of a sojourn in Florida. Wild and cultivated, wacky and conservative, this is   terra infirma, where orchid growers, poets, songwriters and stargazing techies embellish a primal melody.

This solo exhibition of paintings, originally created for the performance space of Indian Hill Music Center in Littleton, Massachusetts, was accompanied, as always, by music ranging from Bach to rock.

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MADMEN DYE HAPPY (SIESTA BEACH)                : price $3200

Madmen.dye.happy.jpg (107215 bytes)
Sunday sunset at Siesta Beach where the drum circle beats and dances on sugary white sand, hotheaded pink meets serene teal water as the emerald flash sparks the horizon.

Musical confluence: Madman Across the Water by Elton John & Bernie Taupin) performed by Bruce Hornsby


RED-TIDEmJPG.jpg (174142 bytes) 

Dragon scales tend to harden when they shed, and the ones I found on the beach at sunset were no exception.  A bit crusty on the rounded edges, they could have been tears sliding down a volcano, but they weren’t. Though this is Florida, not Hawaii,  the mist of dragon’s breath rising off the ocean could be mistaken for sulfur from a volcano. Or it could be the rancid smell of the red tide that kills manatees and causes a human’s throat to swell. If I collect enough scales, perhaps I can summon a dragon…

Musical confluence: The Mask and the Mirror by Loreena McKennitt


MYAKKA: the subtlety of gators          SOLD


“Don’t be scared,” said my guide as the alligator lunged for my kayak. The waters of the Myakka River are a feast of birds and gators—I just didn’t want to be the main course.  “Gee, I’m glad he didn’t decide to climb across our boats,” confided the guide. My reaction,  that of shock masquerading as aplomb, earned me a new moniker. At an orchid sale the next day, I was introduced by one of my paddling companions as Gator Girl.

Musical confluence: Unaccompanied Cello Suites by J.S. Bach performed by Yo Yo Ma


ORCHID SOCIETY price    $4200

orchid.society.jpg (61525 bytes)

Orchid growers are part farmers, scientists, and appreciators of beauty.  The owners of Fender’s Flora, who have added my custom painted Ultimate Aloha shirts to their classic Hawaiian shirt   collection, generously fill my studio with hybrids to paint.                                                            

Musical confluence: No Boundaries performed by Natalie MacMaster

too.much beauty.jpg (96507 bytes)

Too Much Beauty      price: $3200

Some of the residents of exclusive Longboat Key complain that there are too many peacocks wandering the streets, so I sent the birds out for a swim.

Musical confluence: Weaving Our Ancestors Voices by Sheila Chandra

Hurricane.jpg (49790 bytes)

HURRICANE: Eye of the Storm   price: $3200                                                              Less than two weeks after I arrived, I sat out in someone’s backyard listening to poets and songwriters spill out their frustration at Hurricane Charlie’s wild trip. By the third poem of fear and homelessness, I asked the group if I should turn tail and run. “No, we figure in a year you’ll be living down here with us, and we’ll tell you when to run like hell.”

Musical confluence: The Whole Night Sky by Bruce Cockburn performed by Christine Collister

Happy Birthday Hubble

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUBBLE                              price: $3200

The Whirlpool Galaxy

as seen by

the Hubble Telescope,

the circles of a conch,

the mandala of creativity.

Welcome to Beth’s Nebula.


Musical confluence:                Sky Kisses Earth                   by Prem Joshua


GANESH.jpg (42988 bytes)

GANESH ON THE GULF COURSE                                         price: $3200

The elephant headed god is called the Breaker of Obstacles—a good companion in creativity.

Musical confluence: Screenplaying by Mark Knopfler


The entire content of this site is copyrighted. Contact for permission to download or reproduce in any form.