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Raven and Corvid Art Listening To Raven~ Mixed Media Myths and Realities   ©Beth Surdut 2014

Wildlife, blackbirds                               Beth Surdut's Ravens                             Smarter When You Think! Raven Mug

#Corvus Corax                                   Listening To Raven featured in the Santa Fe New Mexican                      Smarter When You Think Raven Mug

                              Listening to Raven wins 2013 Tucson Festival of Books Literary Award for Non-Fiction 

                                               2014 AZ ILLUSTRATED ~ AZPM TV informative interview about my work


Beth Surdut and The Egg Thief raven     Drawing ravens is an intimate process---

        preening each bird gently into existence until a unique character emerges from the page to tell me why he is here.

        To my delight, Listening To Raven  inspires people to bring me stories of science and spirit.

        Strangers ask me to come for face-to-face telling of stories so big, I have to go see;

        experiences so personal, I want to be there.

        What's your story?  Please share at info (at) bethsurdut (dot) com




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        The Printed Cycle is made with rigorously tested elements beautifully rendered. Ravens can live for 40 years in captivity.

      These images will last at least 100  years.

     Note: There's more to these pieces than black and white (just like life). Color nuances/details are not fully represented here. 

       Each original and print may be surrounded with more white than shown.

   Support the project by buying prints! All images are copyrighted and should not be downloaded.

   Prices for signed sizes listed range from $200 t0 $425 unframed. Payment accepted at Paypal. Please contact me first.

Selected originals are available -- $1200 to $4,200.   And don't forget the hummingbirds! hummingbirds_2broadtailed sig.jpg (4328779 bytes)

TEN GENERATIONS EN LA  TROCA (14.5" x 20") original drawing by Beth Surdut, Santa Fe, New Mexico

                                                            Ten Generations of Ravesn by Beth Surdut, Santa Fe,NM

Naturalist, author, and sister enthusiast Sy Montgomery wrote, “Your art is astonishingly vivid and moving and real. Your words are as wise and lyrical as your drawings.”


DrawingRaven.jpg (279282 bytes)

Listening To Raven  8" x 12"                                                                                        

EggThief.jpg (184858 bytes)

The Egg Thief   12" x 17"

Knowing-Raven.jpg (334295 bytes)

Knowing Raven  8" x 11"

RavenTell.jpg (277199 bytes)

Raven Tell  9" x 11"

     The Reason Why  (Raven  Head) by  Beth Surdut                                    WalksLikeAMan.jpg (195136 bytes)

               The  Reason Why (Raven  head) 6" x 9"   appears                                        Walks Like a Man   9" x 14"        

      in The Encyclopedia of Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico                                  

"You have their personal traits down pat-- the way they strut, the curious pose, the whole body language,"  said an avid raven art collector.

"These ravens are wonderful because you obviously know your bird and its personality. It's as if you have one in your home. Most people are content to do the raven-looking-over-the-shoulder pose and call it good. You nailed it every time.”

                                     truth-and-memory.jpg (484360 bytes)

                                    The Ravens of Truth and Memory  10" x 13"

Dr. Peter Stacey, professional ornithologist and riparian management specialist at the University of New Mexico writes:

"The drawings of Beth Surdut capture the intelligence, playfulness and physical forms of ravens as well as or better than any artist I have seen. Not only are her depictions correct in anatomy and posture, but after looking at her drawings, I wonder, “What is that bird thinking?" Surdut is able to communicate these attributes without making her ravens look like "little people"-- the birds in her drawings actually do look and behave just like ravens do."

Feet.jpg (59357 bytes)

The Gathering of  Ravens 4.5" x 28"

The entire content of this site is copyrighted. Contact for permission to download or reproduce in any form.

Compass_Heart.jpg (102251 bytes)   Landing.jpg (494758 bytes)

The Compass of My Heart  13' X 18"                                                                           Landing   10.5" x 12"

           Juvie_shamantitle,jpg.jpg (1597205 bytes)                                      Thing_I_Do.jpg (5505748 bytes)

                                   The Next  Shaman 13" x 14"                                                                The Thing  I Do  for Love   13" x 18"                                                                                                                                                                      ravens


Is That an Egg in Your Pocket, or are you just happy to see me in the Fall 2010 issue of The Zenchilada on pages 58-59

Illustrations and story by Beth Surdut

wpe5.jpg (191877 bytes)

The Albany Billboard Project flew 10 of my ravens across an art only billboard in 2012.

The Ashes to Art Project, a fundraiser for Poudre District Colorado, is a collaboration of American artists incorporating charcoal collected from the 2012 Colorado wildfires to create artwork. The Survivor, sold at the auction on

Ashes_Survivor_Surdut.jpg (5022005 bytes)The Survivor is a three-dimensional piece featuring a pigment print of a juvenile raven —identified by the pink interior of its mouth-- standing on branches drawn with charcoal taken from the Colorado fire. In front of the glass in the shadow box is a collection of charred wood from the forests devastated by the flames.

One of the myths I’ve come across is that Raven was a beautiful white bird who brought fire to humanity.  While carrying the burning firebrand across the skies, Raven’s white feathers became irrevocably blackened by the smoke as he flew.

Other stories, especially the trickster tales, put Raven in dire circumstances that he really shouldn’t survive. Yet he sometimes literally suffers terrible wounds, puts himself back together, and goes on, as we do—changed, but anticipating the next phase of life.”        

                 NY STATE MUSEUM, ALBANY  Focus on Nature XII: Natural History Illustration exhibition included Walks Like a Man

                                                                    ORION MAGAZINE Nov/Dec 2011 in print

                                                                                   online version

                                                                       ORION.finalweb.jpg (735500 bytes)                                                   

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The entire content of this site is copyrighted. Contact for permission to download or reproduce in any form.

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