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There are always more paintings and projects than are up on the site. If you see a piece that resonates for you,  inquire as to what else is available or in progress.

Raven archival pigment signed prints

If protected, ravens can live 40 years.

These prints will survive a minimum of 100 years.

Prints                                                                         Size                         Price                   

Ravens of Truth & Memory




The Compass of My Heart




Walks Like a Man




The Gathering of Ravens




The Reason Why




Raven Tell




Knowing Raven




Listening to Raven




The Egg Thief



The Landing




The Next Shaman




From the Home Page:

Enigmatic Paradise series--please inquire about  prints. Currently Pomegranate Stain and She Wondered are available only as originals.

Hurricanes and Dragon Scales series all $3200 each

Larger Than Life: Anthurium (image 30"40, framed 38"x48")-- $5000

The Conversation (aka tropical fish--19"x22")-- $2200 original is sold, PRINTS available
Two sling jawed wrasses discuss dinner.

Jungle Walk (mountains, jungle and frog--30"x40")-- $5500
Painted after one of many hikes in the jungle and mountains of the tropics.

I Came So Far for Beauty (30"x40")--Original Not for sale--Available in print
I arrived in Hawaii with a bag of silk and dyes, knowing no one. By the time I left almost six years later, I had painted some of the best work to come out of my heart and mind.

Macaws and Mangoes (27"x32" framed)--$2800                                                       
Inspired by baby macaws in a rehabilitation program.  

Tiger Paws (aka exotic flowers, 25"x34' unframed)--$3200
Seen on the streets of downtown Honolulu amidst rainbow shower trees.                                  

From the Paintings page:

Spirits of the Millstone (25"x37")--$4200 unframed                                                                  
Not the tropics, but the colors of my garden in Harvard. Look for the two sets of deva eyes in the top portion of the painting.

I'll Fly Away (22.5"x17" image, 27"x32 including gold frame and black silk mat--    sold
Saturniid moths immortalized

When Will You Return  24"x29")--$3000 framed                                                  
The complexities of paradise.  

We'll Be Safe Here ( 25"x33.5") unframed--$4200                                           
The pink edged plants in the foreground are Royal Ti. According to Hawaiian lore, Ti plants keep out evil spirits.

Bali Rice Terraces (29"x33") unframed --$3200                                                        
Newly planted rice terraces flooded with water become a mirror for a sunset afterglow.                       

Lizard (18.5"x21") framed--$2200                                                               
The real title of this piece is "After a long day of dancing on pavement, she was glad to be home."                       

The Crooner (18"x23") framed--$2200   for original. Prints  available                                                                     
I think of him as the Frank Sinatra of the reef.

The Water Garden (29"x39") framed-- $3800                                                     
Homage to the master of Giverny.

Day And Night ("x")unframed-- $3200                                                                     
Night blooming cereus and pink obake anthurium                        

Monstera ( 17"x22" image, 27"x33" with Hawaiian koa wood frame and cream silk mat)-- $2300         
I found this life size bloom amidst the dense vine in my Oahu studio garden.        

Queen Emma's Lily ( same size and framing as Monstera.)-- $2300                                           
Also known as a spider lily, this enormous and sweet scented plant grew in my garden across from the ocean.Named after a queen who did not see the American takeover of Hawaii.

The View (30"x40")--not for sale                                                                                                     
When I first lived in Maui I wrote to friends saying that Gauguin didn't make up the colors in his paintings of the tropics--the colors were real.  A face appeared as I  painted the West Maui mountains and it makes itself known to certain viewers.

The Orchids in Pele's Hair (26.5" x 33")--$3000 sold

Orchids grow so easily in the tropics that I could tie a new plant to the plumeria tree outside my studio and watch them bloom. The epiphyte known on the mainland as Spanish Moss is called Pele's Hair in Hawaii, hence the painting's title.

From the Body Art page:  

Power Without Sacrifice-- $12,000

Evening Coats--$1200

Fringed Triangle Shawls-- $350

Scarves (15"x 72")-- $230        8" x 54"--$150

All images and stories on this site are copyrighted. Contact us for permission to download or use any of this information.