NIGHTBIRD SHAWL 22" x 72" plus 7" striped ribbon double ruffle on each end        

Clothing, wearable art--call it what you want and be gorgeous.


Or consider it Sculpture. 


Many pieces are custom-made. Please email me to discuss what I can make for for you.
All pieces are created freehand. If the piece pictured on this site is not available, you can order one similar to what you see here, but never exactly the same. Unlimited colorways available. Click images for sizes/prices.

Power Without Sacrifice Cape. Inspiration came from the feather capes of the Hawaiian royalty. Add the Maori kings and the women who chanted power into the capes, and the mask makers of Bali who believe their creations have souls. By donning a mask, a performer takes on its spirit. The title refers to the fact that no birds had to die for their beauty or ours.   This piece was first shown at the Cahoon Museum of American Art and later traveled to the New Zealand Wearable Art Awards.



                                         SCARVES and SHAWLS as beautiful as jewelry




Fringed triangle SHAWLS  welcome spring, warm a cool desert evening, and bring color to cold winter. $400 and up. This Anhinga shawl is $550.

Gorgeous silk charmeuse jackets ~ $900 and up


Poppy Jacket could be yours for $950.00!

Lovely drape, dropped shoulders, fits medium-large to large


                                                        Into the Woods Jacket (SOLD)


     MENSWEAR~      Ultimate Aloha Shirts™  ©Beth Surdut  $600

Museum quality,  custom designed, custom fit, hand-painted silk men's Hawaiian shirts

As a freelance professional textile designer living in Hawaii, I could stand in downtown Honolulu

at lunch time and watch my designs walk around on what I call "the business man's aloha shirt."

But when you want something so gorgeous that strangers will walk up to ask "where did you get that,"

          My one-of-a-kind custom Ultimate Aloha Shirt™ is what you want to own.

        Perfect for weddings, special occasions, or just being the coolest. dude. ever.

Rock It In Your Pocket silk squares~ $48.00 ~ 11" square jewelry for any pocket.

Good grooming! According to Tommy Hilfiger, a man should show only an inch of his pocket square so as not to look like he's showing off. We like to see more than an inch of these perfect gifts for grooms, weddings,  BFF or business associates of any sex.

Add elegant and eye-catching beauty with these jewel-toned silks hand-painted with fiber reactive dyes and a touch of gold.Available in custom color combinations.

                 Women's  Jewel-toned blouses $300 and up
    Make a great entrance or exit in cool and elegant silk teetops slit on each shoulder & bottom                           







Extraordinary Wearable Art  for Iconoclasts



Tropical dreams become reality in these habotai silk pullover tops. Slight openings at the ends of the shoulder and side seams add a graceful touch. 21" from shoulder to hemline fits small and medium sizes. Make a stunning entrance and exit in this light as a breeze wearable art. Can be custom ordered in any color combinations and flowers or your favorite images. Larger and longer sizes can be ordered in a range of silks including crepe de chine.

CONTACT ME to purchase or discuss.

Painted orchids bloom across the ombred bodice and front panelon silk charmeuse painted to match solid yardage and chiffon provided by haute couture dress designer and maker Astrid of Sarasota.

On occasion, I hand-paint for another designer. In this case, I designed and painted the silk a with a Celtic motif for the iconic Mary McFadden. The style is McFadden's own.

My hand painted shirts, as well as my designs produced by Cooke Street, were featured in the exhibit Let's Go Hawaiian at the American Textile History Museum in Lowell, MA. I was also hired to design the entire exhibit of primarily vintage shirts.

Starting  from the deck of an ocean liner, visitors experienced the enchantment shirts displayed in a jungle with a lava rock waterfall, a 22-foot long volcano, black sand beach, the Duke, King Kamehameha, glass fishing floats, historic ukeleles,and the true beauty of island style.  


SOLD         SOLD

Custom designed art to wear for individuals, theater, opera, costumers, designers, and dressmakers. Art to wear, textiles, custom Hawaiian shirts, and accessories that celebrate the clothing arts.

Contactme with your dreams and I make them reality!

Actress Mundy Spears, starring as Zelda Fitzgerald, wearing the Birds of Paradise shawl by Beth Surdut.

The shawl was commissioned for 2010 world premiere of PH Lin's Zelda at the Oasis

Tropical  noir:

My mystery short story,

The Shirt Designer, was a fiction finalist in the 2019 Tucson Festival of Books Master's Competition!


Have a seamstress and a pattern? I will paint to those specifications.

Beth Surdut

Visual Storyteller ~ Artist ~ Wildlife Illustrator

Creativity is all of life's actions.


Sunflower scarf 8"x54"

painted by Beth Surdut

My textile designs appeared on so many printed Aloha shirts that I could stand in  downtown  Honolulu at lunch hour and watch my work walk by on businessmen.

Very cool, but printing can't match the depth and intricacy of an original pieces painted with  fiber-reactive dyes on silk.