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The Art of Paying Attention (everywhere and on NPR)

​Since 2008, I have been focusing on illustrating desert denizens and researching what we can learn from them. I practice the art of paying attention. Call it mindfulness or just being a very nosy neighbor, watching the wildlife right outside my windows and doors educates and connects me to every little life. Whether you tag along with me or practice on your own, I know from experience that if you pay attention long enough, you can see the whole world in your immediate territory. And once you start looking, it is hard to stop. From my perspective, paying attention brings care, care brings love; and love engenders protection. The natural world is not a foreign land where we book a vacation or take a class, even though there is a plethora of information urging us to “get back to nature." We never left. 

My Listening to Raven illustrated collection of true raven encounters won the 2013 Tucson Festival of Books Literary Award for Non-Fiction. Orion magazine published my illustrated essay on the Las Conchas fire that roared through New Mexico, destroying high desert habitats. The Encyclopedia of Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico contains my raven illustration The Reason Why along with my explanation of Raven calling me to the southwest to draw and collect first person accounts of interactions with this clever corvid and iconic spirit guide. 

Prior to moving to the Southwest, I spent three years paddling with alligators on the Myakka River in Florida. Ever drawn to wild places--grand and intimate--I have hung from a rope in the feathery greens of a mountain fern forest, piloted a small plane through the lava reds of sunset, climbed a mountain to bathe in a holy Hindu spring, and kayaked amidst seals and dolphins. Living in Hawaii, enjoying long sojourns in Indonesia, the West Indies, and Australia nurtured my relationship with the mysteries and nuances of tropical and oceanic realms.

 The desert’s many-layered palette called me to listen to and tell its stories. Arizona, home to more than 1,500 recorded species, offers endlessly fertile territory to write about for many years. Living in a desert city holds every necessary key to the door of inquiry, including not only the animals, but also scientists who I have found very willing to answer my questions, if they can.

Using my illustrated nature stories as teaching tools, I facilitate outdoor Paying Attention workshops in the desert under the aegis of the National Phenology Network and am certified by the Arizona Association of Environmental Educators. You Should Be So Lucky, my intricate drawing of a mountain lioness, greets hikers on the Arizona Trail at Aspen Corners in Flagstaff and is featured in the Sky Island Alliance awareness campaign that monitors the effects of the border wall.

Like a many-faceted jewel, my work as an artist includes painting, illustration, architectural art glass (stained and etched), home textiles (table linens),  apparel for men and women, museum exhibit design, murals and more.  I am also a writer of award-winning creative non-fiction, a certified environmental educator, as well as a journalist and commentator examining topics ranging from sewers to senators for print, radio and cyberspace.

The part of me that loves detail--knowing the exact conformation and coloration of feather and petal, genus and species--picks up pencils and pens to render what qualifies as scientific illustration, although when I began the art and true stories of Listening to Raven, I thought I was just paying attention to individual forms and personalities of those tricksters.

Another part of me reacts to color viscerally-- its “edible appeal" --meaning that my first and strongest impression of colors is that they are so juicy I want to lick them no matter what they represent.

There are places—a moss-covered forest trail, a dappled stream, a shadowed slot canyon, an expansive night sky-- that invite me to walk in and lose my edges until they shimmer as I become part each element. There is art that does the same. 

I have the good luck to be able to express verbally and visually what swirls and glimmers in and out of me. What comes of experiencing nature betters me more than any indoor classroom situation. I am embraced and expanded by the particulars. And I get to share that with you. 

 This is a very long list, albeit abbreviated, of very interesting projects I have completed in a variety of media. Bottom line, if you have an idea, bring it to me. Some of my best work has been generated by "what if" and "could you possibly..." including designing an entire museum exhibit, outdoor murals, tiles, silk paintings, stained and etched glass, Hawaiian shirts, scientific illustrations, outrageously beautiful apparel, and whatever comes next.                                               

                                                           BETH SURDUT, VISUAL STORYTELLER                          

                                                                Environmental Artist and Writer

                                    Paintings, Illustrations, Wearable Art, Textile & Product Design

                                                   www.bethsurdut.com and  listeningtoraven.com


Artist and writer Beth Surdut has maintained a professional studio since 1978.  For ten years her studio designed and fabricated over 50 site-specific stained glass artworks for homes, hotels, and 24 windows for a Middle Eastern palace. Works on silk were introduced in 1986 and within a year were included in a group exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution’s Renwick Gallery. Surdut’s fine art paintings, textile and product designs for reproduction, business articles, profiles and commentaries for radio and print media have an international audience.

Prior to Raven calling her to the Southwest, she spent three years paddling with alligators on the designated wild and scenic Myakka River on the Gulf Coast of Florida, painting and writing  about human interactions with paradise. She’s hung from a rope in the feathery greenness of a mountain fern forest, piloted a small plane through the hot lava reds of sunset, climbed a mountain to bathe in a holy Hindu spring, swum with barracuda, kayaked amidst seals and dolphins, wandered through  monkey forests, held a flying fox, and narrowly avoided being kidnapped in a middle eastern desert.

Current exhibitions and projects include
Listening To Raven, custom Hebrew tallitot/prayer shawls, and healing scarves, mermaids, and private installations. Commentaries and stories on the blog www.surdut.blogspot.com 

Click here for the Writing Resume

                                                             The Creative World of Beth Surdut

Beth Surdut is a designer and colorist, writer and visual storyteller. Her visionary paintings, which translate and integrate the patterns of nature and world cultures into a new mythology, are exhibited in museums and galleries internationally.

Surdut’s studio provides custom design services for hotels and private homes, product branding identity, and licensing for reproduction by manufacturers including textiles, Hawaiian shirts, women’s apparel, giftware, tile murals, and home goods.

Noted for combining rich jewel tones and fluid movement during a 10-year career designing and fabricating architectural art glass in the Washington, D.C. area, the artist garnered commissions for private and public spaces, including 24 windows in a Middle Eastern palace. A project for an intimately delightful hotel in Key West, Florida introduced her to tropical color and form.

In 1986 her expertise as a colorist led to developing her recognizable style of painting on Chinese silk with Japanese brushes and French dyes. Her wearable art, first featured in the Washington Post, was soon exhibited in the Smithsonian Institution’s Renwick Gallery. Explorations in Jamaica and six years residing in Hawaii fostered large-scale paintings as well as extensive textile and product design internationally.

Commissions include designing and painting Celtic motifs for fashion icon Mary McFadden, and shaping product identity for Hawaiian resorts. Magazines feature Surdut’s paintings on their covers. The painted cape Power Without Sacrifice was chosen by the Cahoon Museum of American Art and the New Zealand Wearable Art Awards. The American Textile History Museum exhibited her hand-painted silk men’s Ultimate Aloha Shirts™ in 2004. This museum also commissioned Surdut to implement her unusual vision to design an entire exhibit of Hawaiian shirts.

The Surdut Tropical Table Linen Collection debuted in 2004 at major museums and Bloomingdale’s.

Due to the linens’ record breaking sales at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts blockbuster Gauguin Tahiti exhibition, the MFA commissioned Bamboo Forest linens inspired by the museum’s Asian collection.

Believing in personal activism, Surdut created the painting Come Walk With Me presented by the Sarasota Sister Cities Association to the mayoral delegation from Vladimir, Russia in January 2007, as well as a painting for a Cambodian relief organization for land mine victims.
In 2012, she created and donated The Survivor to the Ashes to Art auction  that supported the Poudre Canyon Fire Department.

As a journalist and commentator she examines topics ranging from sewers to senators, and works as a hired media and strategic consultant on political campaigns. National Public Radio aired her essays on diverse issues including a six-part series on the business of art. During her career, projects involving visual art and writing have received multiple grant support, notably from the Massachusetts Cultural Council and Harvard Historical Society. 

Selected Exhibitions & Projects

2021 Solo Exhibit- Art of Paying Attention to Nature, mixed-media drawings on wood.

        Both at Tucson Botanical Gardens: outdoors, Back Porch Gallery 3/21-5/23,

        indoors 9/3- 1/15, 2022 in the Friends Gallery


Keep the Borderlands Wild, group exhibit, Sky Islands Alliance, online (currently online)


2019 Permanent installation-- Mountain Lion drawing, the Arizona Trail @Aspen Corners, Flagstaff, AZ

      The Shirt Designer, tropical noir mystery--Tucson Festival of Books Master's Competition fiction finalist

         9/13-14 Arizona Association for Environmental Education Conference:

                      Paying Attention workshop

                      Introducing D2D, my Desert to Desert Environmental Education Exchange school program
          2019 events @Beth Shalom Temple Center in Green Valley
                  9/17-10/ 22 Art of Paying Attention #wildlife drawings/stories solo exhibit 
                  9/17 The Modern Tallit program presentation @1:00 pm
                  10/13 Paying Attention reception talk/bagel breakfast @10:00 am


      NPR--The Art of Paying Attention illustrated nature radio series-- go to Critters

      As always, private commissions of prayer shawls, healing scarves, cards


2017  SOLO Exhibit April 15 - May 10 at The Ranch House Gallery, Agua Caliente Park, Tucson, AZ

          Paying Attention Workshops: 4/23, 9am-noon and 5/10, 8am-11am, sponsored National Phenology Network.

         Explore your integrated place in nature with award-winning wildlife artist and writer Beth Surdut. Learn about    Citizen Science and hone your perception through workshop exercises and sharing of stories in the classroom and by the pond at Agua Caliente Park.

ONGOING Art of Paying Attention illustrated radio series Arizona Public Media/NPR (Go to Critters page)

2016  The Billboard Creative Project, Los Angeles, CA, Dec 12- Jan 8, 2017-- Townsend's Big-eared Bat

          Raven Brings the Light--glass mosaic mural, private client, Los Alamos, NM

          Beth Surdut's Illustrated Nature Solo Exhibition~ Tucson Botanical Gardens , Feb 1-28

          The Art of Paying Attention illustrated radio series on Arizona Public Media/NPR that mixes nature writing, animal art, and storytelling.

          Arizona Association of Environmental Educators--certification

2015  The Art of Paying Attention illustrated radio series Arizona Public Media/NPR
2014   Listening to Raven  interview on  AZ Illustrated with Tony Paniagua aired March

           Surdut Raven radio interview on Arizona Spotlight with Mark McLemore aired March 8

           The Modern Tallit-- presentation, Tucson  Jewish Community Center, 1/11 and AZ ILLUSTRATED public    televison  program 1/8

2013   Tucson Festival of Books Literary Award for Non-Fiction given to Listening to Raven stories and illustrations

            Bienvenidos Magazine--Plein Air Fare article on elegant patio dining in Santa Fe, summer issue

2012    Focus on Nature -- International Scientific Illustration biennial, NY State Museum, Albany, 4/18-12/31

            The Billboard Art Project -- Listening to Raven series flying across a non-commercial billboard in a digital loop, August,  Albany  NY

            Ashes to Art Project-- The Survivor, 3D raven with charcoal from the CO  fires, created and donated for auction benefiting Colorado firefighters, Fort Collins, CO

            Encyclopedia of Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico by Mark Cross (2012) includes Raven image and quote by Beth Surdut

            Inn at Loretto, artist in residence, Santa Fe, NM

            Jewish Arts Symposium presenter/panelist, Santa Fe, NM , Feb 25/26

            Bienvenidos Magazine articles on iconoclastic Madrid, NM, Navigating the art districts, and toy stores of Santa Fe.

2011    Invitation to the Muse documentary film by Karen Cantor-- one of the featured artists and panel moderator Center for Contemporary Art, Dec 10, Santa Fe, NM

            The Place Where I Live: Raven and the Las Conchas fires, Orion Magazine, Nov/Dec issue

            The Brush Gallery, For the Birds group exhibition curated by David Allen Sibley, Lowell, MA

            Gallery @ The  Screen--solo exhibition, Santa Fe, NM

             New Mexico State Land Office, Commissioner's Gallery, solo exhibition, Santa Fe, NM

             Wells Fargo Bank Gallery--solo exhibition, Santa Fe, NM

2010       Randall Davey Audubon Sanctuary gallery-- Listening To Raven~ Drawings,Myths & Realities- solo exhibition  Santa Fe,NM

             Audubon Wildlife Invitational--group show Santa Fe,NM

             Charles Collins Gallery-- Taos, NM

2009           Edible Santa Fe Magazine commissioned cover--"Gift of the Corn Mother"

                    Santa Fe City Hall Gallery-- group show

2008      Tampa International Airport Exhibition--Welcome to the Creative World of Beth Surdut--Landside Terminal (open to all) until December1, 2008

             The ARTIST AND HER STUDIO, RINGLING COLLEGE Exhibition Hall, Sarasota,FL

            Westshore Banner Project, Tampa, Fl--Surdut's Eye of the Storm banner hanging  in various public locations

2007        Aurora Colors Gallery, Petaluma, CA--"Myths, Masks, Rites & Rituals"--group show

                Bliss Gallery, Siesta Key, FL—invitational 3-person

Senses Gallery, Sarasota, FL—invitational 3-person

Come Walk With Me—painting commissioned as a gift from Sarasota Sister Cities to mayoral delegation from Vladimir, Russia

The Aquarium--Installation—paintings and ambient walls—private residence, Philippi Creek, Sarasota, Fl

                Georgetown Performing Arts Gallery, Bethesda, MD

Winter Park Public Library Gallery, Winter Park, and Fl—invitational solo

Best of the Artists registry, Orlando, Fl—invitational group

Kaos Gallery, Bradenton, FL—invitational group

Federal Building, Sarasota, FL—invitational art in public places

Enigmatic Paradise (solo exhibition), Kaos Gallery, Bradenton, FL

                Art on the Mountain, Deerfield, VT

                Best of the Florida Artists Registry, Orlando, FL

                Art in Public Places, Federal Building, Sarasota

National League of American Pen Women Exhibition, Longboat Key Art Center, FL

2005          Marie Selby Botanical Garden, Selby House Gallery, Sarasota—solo exhibition The Art & Design of Beth Surdut

HPoto Gallery of Contemporary Art, Sarasota—Jump the Line-group exhibition

Art in Public Places, Federal Building, Sarasota

2004         American Textile History Museum “Let’s Go Hawaiian” group exhibition of shirts painted, printed

2002-5     Ninth Life Gallery—St. Thomas, USVI-- paintings

2000             Montana New Zealand Wearable Arts Awards—international wearable art exhibition and runway show, Nelson, New Zealand

Acton Memorial Library—solo painting exhibition

1999        Harvard Public Library—invitational solo painting exhibition

                Expressions of Love—Handworks Gallery, Acton, MA paintings 

1997        Harmony Hall Gallery--solo painting exhibition, Ocho Rios, Jamaica

                Children's Hands-On Art Museum, Littleton, Massachusetts

               Cornelius Ayer Wood Gallery-- solo painting exhibition, Concord, MA

                Conant Gallery- Invitational Nature of Design group exhibition, Groton, MA

1996        Cape Capes, Cahoon Museum of American Art, Cotuit, MA

                DeCordova Style '96, DeCordova Museum, Lincoln, MA

                National Fiber Show, Handworks Gallery, Acton, MA

Colors of the Sun--solo painting exhibition, Emerson Umbrella, Concord, MA                          

1995        Visiting Artist, Manele Bay Hotel, Lana'i, Hawaii

               Artforum Gallery, Honolulu, Hawaii

                Zoltan Gluck Gallery, Provincetown, Massachusetts

1994        Surdut Gallery, Honolulu, Hawaii

                Artforum Gallery, Honolulu, Hawaii

1993        Youth at Risk fundraiser, Makk Galleries, Honolulu, Hawaii

                Historic Hawaii Foundation, Honolulu, Hawaii

1992        Beth Surdut Studio/Gallery, Punalu'u, Hawaii

                Artful Framer Gallery, Honolulu, Hawaii

1991        Beth Surdut Studio/Gallery, Punalu'u, Hawaii

1990        Sunset Galleries, Lahaina, Maui

                Volcano Art Center, Volcano National Park, Hawaii

                Washington Art Auction -- Jobs for the homeless fundraiser

                Sun Up Gallery, Watch Hill, Rhode Island

                Artist in Residence, Hotel Hana, Maui

1989        Sunset Galleries, Lahaina, Maui—solo exhibition

                Volcano Art Center, Volcano National Park, Hawaii

                Village Gallery, Lahaina, Maui

1988        Nordstrom, Vienna, Virginia

                Degagé-- solo exhibition, McLean, Virginia

                Great Falls Art Center, Great Falls, Virginia

1987       Smithsonian Institution, Renwick Gallery, Washington, D.C.

                The World Bank, Washington, D.C.

                Old Mill Gallery, McLean, Virginia


Stained and Etched Architectural Art Glass

Client                                                      Locale                                     Work

La Terrazza De Marti Hotel                 Key West, FL                     Stained glass window

Palace [client wishes anonymity]       Saudi Arabia                     24 stained glass panels

Lenard House                                       Great Falls, VA                   16 stained glass panels

Wolf's Lair                                             Bryce, VA                          3 stained glass windows

National Place                                       Washington, D.C.                 3 etched doors, windows

Kaempfer Company                              Washington, D.C.                 6 etched doors and sidelights

R. & L. Joy                                             Washington, D.C.                 Skylight and transom

Artful Hand Gallery                              Orleans, MA                          2 stained glass windows

Sharp & Hebron                                   Plainboro, NJ                        Stained glass window

Foley Construction Company           Great Falls, VA                     2 stained glass windows

Gryphon's Gate                                      Gaithersburg, MD                 Stained glass partition

The Hamlet                                             Washington, D.C.                 Etched door, transom

Great Falls Construction                      Great Falls, VA                      Etched panels, 2 doors
Designs for Reproduction- apparel, textile yardage, gift items, notecards

1990-present: Beth Surdut LLC (linens)

                Adini                                      Wild Side                        Pohai Nani                                        Trans Pacific Textiles

                New Aura                       Soft as A Grape                  Ihilani Resort                                     Locals Only

                Cooke Street                       Papio Tournament                 Hawaiian Respite Services                  Trend-Tex

               Tori Richards                                 G. Von Hamm                      Avanti                                                    MFA Boston



1999 Harvard Arts Council, Harvard Historical Society, Fitchburg State College Foundation— researched, compiled and edited CD of 20+ stories told by an 85-year-old woodworker and teacher. Talking Life: Walter Harrod’s Stories

1997       Harvard Arts Council/Warner Free Lecture-- lecture "Colors of the Sun: An Artist’s Journey"

                Groton Cultural Council, for on-site botanical painting at Fruitlands Museums

1988       Fairfax County Council of the Arts, Arlington, VA, for silk painting demonstrations to 5th and 6th graders

               O'Donohue Construction, Inc., Washington D.C. for independent project


Radio and Print articles by the artist

Radio: NPR aired Identity Crisis, my response to the backlash that followed the terrorism of September 11.

Sporty Girl, a commentary on my lack of natural sporting ability, aired on She Got Game      (http://www.shegotgame.com).

2006         Dancing With The Mirthful Muse—invitational lecture for   Surface design Society

2000          The Middlesex Beat, writer and Arts Editor—monthly profiles of artists, writers, musicians

ArtsMedia Magazine--Handworks Gallery profile

Clark University, guest speaker—Website development for the entrepreneur (designed own award winning site)
Boston Globe—Winter Fashion  

1999RadioArt, a six part commentary series on art and money for Public Radio International’s Marketplace

Boston Globe--Museums: Marriage with a View

96-99                 Nashoba Publications, Harvard Editor-at-large, correspondent

97-99Cape Cod Antiques and Arts Magazine--Monthly articles on arts and antiques, artists profiles

99-00     Art Calendar Magazine--Monthly profiles on the business of art? 

1997       Guest lecturer, Warner Free Lecture Series, Harvard, MA

                Guest lecture/demonstration, Fruitlands Museums, Harvard, MA

                Guest lecture/demonstration, Children's Hands-On Art Museum, Littleton, MA

                Guest lecturer, National League of American Pen Women, Wellesley, MA

1995       "Expose Yourself--Legally" article included in Getting the Word Out, anthology published by Art Calendar 

1994       Guest lecturer, Honolulu Rotary Club, Oahu, Hawaii

1993       Guest lecturer, Kaneohe Rotary Club, Oahu, Hawaii

1992       Art Calendar, October issue. "Publicizing Yourself: Steps Toward More Than 15 Minutes of Fame”

                Guest Lecturer, Brigham Young University, Laie, Hawaii

Media Coverage about the artist

also check  the News page

2012- El  Mitote, Santa Fe New Mexican, October 2012

2011The Intention of Tallitot, The New Mexico Link, November 2011, page 10

2010  Woman weaves prayers into healing scarves for Breast Cancer ... The Santa Fe New Mexican, Oct 16, 2010
           Fine-feathered tales - The Santa Fe New Mexican Jan 21, 2010
2008  Feast of color - The Santa Fe New Mexican Dec 10, 2008

           Creative Critters - The  Santa Fe New Mexican, October 16, 2008


        Senses Magazine, feature article, 5/07

Sarasota Homes & Lifestyles 2/07

Christian Science Monitor 3/07

Talk of the Suncoast radio—featured guest

2006        Sarasota Magazine, Beth Surdut (profile) 7/06

The Observer, Marty Fugate, Beth Surdut (profile) and The Observer, Marty Fugate, A Moveable Visual Feast 4/20/006

SRQ Magazine online

Herald Tribune, D. Stockbridge Pratt, Pooling Their Talents 3/11/06

2005                 Downtown & Beyond, Beth Surdut (interview Q & A) 12/05

                http://www.theartsweb.com/artspotlight/Beth_Surdut.htm 10/05

Sarasota Herald Tribune, Marjorie North column, 3/6

Talk of the Suncoast radio, featured guest 3/21

DISH , Channel 21, featured guest 4/25

Pelican Press, The Artful World of Beth Surdut   9/22

2004       Feature articles in Boston Globe (3x), Boston Herald, Lowell Sun, Middlesex Beat, Harvard Hillside, NECN TV interview, 91.5 radio interview

2003       Lowell Sun, Style Section cover feature profile of Surdut: “Mermaids and Muses”

                Boston Globe City Weekly article on Leonard Florence, quotes from Surdut, one of Florence’s biographers

2001       Fiber Arts Magazine, Jan/Feb issue—New Zealand Wearable Arts Awards

2000       Boston Globe, March—Acton solo show

The Beacon, March—Acton solo show

1999The Middlesex Beat, October issue— “For Surdut, Art Reflects Life”

Harvard Hillside—“Local Color, you say. . .”

1997       The Gleaner [Kingston, Jamaica], January 16   "Healthy Environment Portrayed in Painting"

Harvard Spirit, Groton Landmark, October 22  "The Nature of Design"

1996       The Boston Globe, September 19   "Wearable Art Puts Creativity Into Clothes"

                The Boston Globe, September 15   "Dazzling Fiber Art "

                Creatively Speaking, September 21, television interview                

                Harvard Spirit, September 4 "Harvard Artist Displaying Nature's Hidden Treasures"

                Harvard Post, August 23 "Beth Surdut Brings Tropical Art To New England"

1995       Aloha Airlines Magazine, "Spirit of Aloha" cover

1994       East Honolulu Newspaper, "Surdut's Tropical Silks"

1993                 Honolulu Magazine, December cover

                Making A Living as an Artist, anthology of interviews and articles published by Art Calendar

                Aloha Magazine, "Island Perspectives: Beth Surdut"

                Islands Magazine, "Unexpected O'ahu"

                Honolulu Magazine, July, "Island Guide" cover and "Holoholo"

                Seafood Leader Magazine, "Feed Me”

1992       Hawaii Magazine, "Island Discoveries: Exceptional Island Colors"

                Honolulu Magazine, "Island Guide" and "Finds"

                Island Home Magazine, "Art Couture"

                Pacific Art and Travel Magazine, "Brush Strokes"

1990                 Providence Journal Bulletin

                 Rhode Island Herald

                Rhode Island Monthly, "Aloha Autumn"

                Ocean Views Magazine, "Painted Silks"

1989       Maui News, "Surdut's Wearable Art"

                Maui News, "Sketchpad: Beth Surdut" 

1988       The Washington Post, "Surdut's Glass Act", by Nina Hyde

                 Washingtonian Magazine, "Best Buys"

                The Gazette, "Portfolio"

1987       The Washington Post, "Try It"

                Art Calendar magazine, "Interview with Beth Surdut"


                Washington University Religious Studies Program, St. Louis, Missouri

                The American University Fine Arts Program, Washington, D.C.

                Master Classes with contemporary glass artists

                Smithsonian Institution Stained Glass Program, Washington, D.C.

Travel Influences

Middle East, Bali, Jamaica, Florida Keys and Gulf Islands, Puerto Rico, Hawaiian Islands, Australia

The entire content of this site is copyrighted. Contact   info@bethsurdut.com for permission to download or reproduce in any form.

Look for updates on Facebook and at  www.surdut.blogspot.comType your paragraph here.

​​​News, Exhibits, Talks, Art of Paying Attention events

"Beth is always watching and listening. From the field or face to face, she raises the bar of attentiveness, for each of us." 
(Quote from a surprise blog post Oct 2019. Click for more.)


Tucson Botanical Gardens, solo exhibit until May 31, 2021. Mask up and enjoy The Back Porch Gallery, where my outdoor exhibit of Art of Paying Attention pieces are printed and hand- enhanced on linden wood boards with natural bark edges. Reserve ticketsonline

Arizona Senior Academy-- Art of Paying Attention to Nature talk, Feb 8 @2:30 Free, but you need to sign up


Tucson Botanical Gardens, Friends Gallery, Art of Paying Attention illustrations and stories
Sept 2021-Jan 15, 2022


SOLO EXHIBIT OUTDOORS @Tucson Botanical Gardens until May 31, 2021.

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Beth Surdut

Visual Storyteller ~ Artist ~ Wildlife Illustrator

Creativity is all of life's actions.