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Devorah and the Mitzvot

R'fuah shleimah scarf for a lawyer and a woman of presence-- Devorah is a Biblical woman of justice. Devorah also mean bee in Hebrew. Here she is gaining sustenance from a pomegranate, whose 613 seeds represent the mitzvot.

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I call this scarf "Fierce Sweetness." Congregation Bet Shalom's r'fuah shleimah gift to a beautiful young woman as she adjusts to a leg amputation and new prothsesis.

She is an archer, so I included the lucky number 7 arrows in a quiver and a bow and arrow. I did not want her to have sharpness around her, so I encased the arrow tips in  flower buds.

Beth Surdut

Visual Storyteller ~ Artist ~ Wildlife Illustrator

Creativity is all of life's actions.

 Healing Prayer Scarves designed and painted on silk by Beth Surdut

R'fuah Shleimah: A prayer in Hebrew for complete restoration of body and spirit


Misheberach is a Jewish prayer for those in need, in pain, in suffering: May the one who blessed our ancestors, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah, bless and heal this person who is ill. May the Blessed Holy One be filled with compassion for their health to be restored and their strength to be revived. May God swiftly send them a complete renewal of body and spirit, and let us say, Amen.

Fire and water: A scarf with a prayer to quench the painful and debilitating flare-ups of a chronic condition.

8 x 54"      $140

A tallit client came to me with a request. Her friend was going through cancer treatment and had lost her hair--  Could I make a hand painted silk head scarf with a healing prayer. The recipient has an island house, so the design is called Mermaid's DNA and in it are the Hebrew words r'fuah shleimah-- complete healing.

30" squares $140

The desire for healing and helping is as ancient as Hebrew, Sanskrit, Arabic, or any language.
Featured in The Santa Fe New Mexican during Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Heavens scarf ~ congregational gift

for Gabrielle Giffords

Draped over shoulders or hung as banners~

For the aftermath of a miscarriage, a New Dawn (8" x 54") detail

Pay it forward.

An angel on this earth took care of me in her home while I healed from major surgery. During that time, she told me an old friend of hers, after a long battle with a blood disease, probably would not live another year.

Endlessly grateful for the kindness I received, the first piece I created when I returned to my studio was a r'fuah shleimah gift. I sent it to the ill woman, who I'd never met. When she received it, she called me.

I suggested that she might put the prayer over her shoulders during her weekly transfusions. 

She immediately commissioned another one, but she had no idea who the recipient would be.

"I'll just find someone at the clinic to give it to," she told me. "You know, pay it forward."

This 14" x 72" interdenominational After Death prayer shawl, the first in English, was created at the behest of friends of a woman who awoke to find her husband had died next to her. He was Jewish; she is Episcopalian.

"The breadth of God's embrace holds us together still."

Price upon request.

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