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Immerse yourself in intricately illustrated wild and cultivated life.

Beth Surdut is an artist and product designer,  writer and visual storyteller, creator of Listening To Raven and Art for the Mind and Body. Integrating the patterns of  nature and world cultures, her paintings, drawings, and textiles are exhibited in museums and galleries internationally.

Inspired by her travels in world cultures and immersion in nature, the artist creates distinctive renderings of the earth's rich environment. Her studio provides paintings, prints, and murals; custom design services for hotels and private homes; product design, branding identity, and licensing for reproduction by manufacturers of textiles, Hawaiian shirts, women’s apparel, giftware and home goods.   Santa Fe, Sarasota, Hawaii, corvids, ravens, wildlife, southwest. northwest, birding, mermaids, illustration, silk, color, etsy, museums


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  DRAGON SCALES AND HURRICANES             Enigmatic Paradise                   Lizards, Frogs and Creatures

        RED-TIDE and Dragon Scales                                Pomegranate.Stainweb.jpg (15606 bytes)             Darth Vader and the Armored Chameleon

                                        Creating a new mythology

Enter the visionary world of Beth Surdut and discover colors of the sun applied to silk and transformed into detailed jewel-toned paintings, prayer shawls, wearable art for men and women, home accents, and designs for reproduction.

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 Beth Surdut HIstudio

Ask about the international Dream Vessels Project

Peruse creative non-fiction with a Mirthful Muse. Find links to articles and commentaries written by Surdut for magazines, newspapers, and  public radio.

Feast on Art from the Kitchen~painted and served

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exotic flowers, obake_small.jpg (3608 bytes)  Mermaids Meremerald.jpg (30579 bytes)

tropical fish, Conversation1.jpg (257654 bytes)   and Stunning vistas of jungle, junglewk.jpg (80699 bytes)

waterfalls I Came So Far for Beauty: Molokai and the vivid colors of Nature. Macaws and Mangoes, exotic birds silk painting by Beth Surdut 

Wrap your body in NMshawlsangre.jpg (139952 bytes) glowing skies and mountains.

The artist's designs for architectural art glass are found in a Middle Eastern palace, private residences and public spaces.

The Smithsonian Institution, galleries, and magazines nationwide have chosen to display her artwork.

Explore  the endless applications utilized by interior designers, hoteliers, textile, apparel and product manufacturers.

Bring this gorgeous and inviting world into your realm.  


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